Andrew (born in 1958, Culcairn NSW), has competed in eight Olympic games securing three gold, two silver and a bronze medal. Aged 62 at the 2020 Summer Olympics, he was Australia’s oldest make Olympian. Having secured two medals in Tokyo, he declared his intention to be ready for the next Paris Olympics (2024).

He began competing at the age of 6 and moved to the UK in 1978. Married with two children he trains in Somerby UK, and competes internationally, regularly, with the Australian team.

It might seem like Andrew needs little support, and perhaps that is true. But that wasn’t always the case. He took the risk of leaving Australia to pursue his passion – and funded his own success. He continues to train at the highest levels. He is successful because he chooses to be, and works hard for that success every day.

In our view, not everyone needs to be struggling in order to be supported. We should also recognise and invest in success, in order that they progress to higher levels and take us with them on their journey.

Andrew demonstrates the diligence and tenacity that we seek to reinforce in our own culture. Moreover, he has been doing it for over fifty years and continues to do so. He is an exemplar of the standard for which we all ought to strive.

For those reasons we are proud to provide what little support we can to assist in Andrew’s ongoing success.

Learn more about Andrew and his journey at  and on instagram.

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