From the M.D.

After leaving the military I worked for a privately owned company, went through a public listing, the dotcom crash, a board spill and CEO assassinations. I worked for an IT multinational, ran a business across Asia and Japan, and was a GM in an investor-funded start-up.  I learned a lot!

Not once did I wake excited by the prospect of selling another thousand PCs or servers.

When Kiah was first registered in 2003 it was a mechanism for me to be employed. I was an important person in my spare bedroom. About 8 years ago I tired of hiring small teams, doing a job and then letting them go.  Every new engagement took effort to show them how to consult the way I thought consulting should be done. Not all who joined had the attitude, or aptitude, I thought was necessary for this business.

So, I took a small office, hired an office manager and decided we would be a company. How hard could it be? Hmmm.

I didn’t want the typical highly leveraged model of junior consultants with pre-defined methodologies and a supervising partner. Nor did I want to simply provide surrogate resources.

I wanted to tackle the urgent and important, the ill-defined and ambiguous. I didn’t see us as a big company, but one that made a difference.

Size is important because you can do more, have more influence, and it gives people security in their jobs. I wanted it to be the outcome of the work we do, not the reason for coming to work. I wanted us to be a collection of people who could “think and do”, who demanded excellence of themselves and, frankly, were nice people to be around.  But we also needed to offer more than just what an individual brought to the company.  We needed to invest in our own IP, so we could harness the individual’s experience and aptitude but deliver more than is possible as an individual.

This is Consulting the Kiah Way, smart and experienced people underpinned by guidance and knowledge in Kiah Method and supported by training for consultants, and clients, through Kiah Academy.

Why? I liked the intellectual and social challenge of doing challenging work. Secondly, I think clients should and could benefit from the experience and adaptability of smart leaders helping them drive better business outcomes if we can harness and build on their experience and knowledge. I want to leverage for effect, not the bottom line. Above all though, I wanted to make a difference.  I had a view that you can have it all – a place that does good work while being a good place to work.

It was this thinking that led to the Kiah we see today. I may not have reached my goal yet, but the clients who know us love us and more clients are getting to know us.

John Glenn

Our work requires not just knowledge and experience, but the willingness to lead intense and high-pressured situations while also getting our hands dirty in delivery.

We choose people who have passion, drive and dedication towards an outcome. We look for leadership, management, empathy, common sense, drive, and intellectual agility—the talents that allow for conscious leadership.

Simply, we choose people with the right attitude and teach them consulting. We extend and broaden their capabilities through our own professional development structure. We invest in our people.

20 years in business

Kiah Consulting is a veteran-owned, Australian company established in 2003, which has grown into a multi-million-dollar business servicing government and industry.

Our team is clear about why we are here, which is, to enhance the delivery of public services, either through the public or private sector or at the intersection of the two.

With this always in mind, we give our clients ‘breakthrough consulting’, specialising in the delivery of outcomes, not activity, through innovative strategies and purposeful execution. Our expertise originated in projects that were critical and time dependent, often the resolution of commercial and contractual crises, and often across the public and private sector boundary.

Today, we are much more. We focus on areas that do make a difference, and at which we are proven:

  • strategy and transformation,
  • procurement and program delivery,
  • risk and resilience,

and Kiah Academy, our public sector capability uplift training programs and bespoke L&D practice.

Our message is simply, if you want a different outcome you have to try something different.

Current government panel memberships

Our services and expertise are accessible through a number of government panels

Australian Federal Police Capability Support Services Panel SON3538332

Business Management Services (Service Category 1) and Procurement and Contracting Services (Service Category 2)

Access: all agencies

Australian Government Digital Marketplace Panel SON3413842

Delivery of services across:

  • Agile delivery and Governance
  • Change and Transformation
  • Cyber security
  • Data science
  • ICT risk management and audit activities
  • Software engineering and Development
  • Strategy and Policy

Access: local, state, territory or federal government and Commonwealth corporate entities.

Defence Support Services (DSS) Panel SON3485107

Delivery of services relating to:

  • Contract management & contract performance;
  • Integrated logistics support management;
  • Liability risk analysis;
  • Problematic items of supply (PIOS) (including work health safety issues);
  • Procurement evaluation support;
  • Procurement methodologies & contracting options & tender development;
  • Program & product management services & support;
  • Project management services & support;
  • Project risk & issue management;
  • Project schedule management;
  • Strategic business advice;
  • Supply chain analysis and inventory optimisation and planning.

Access: all agencies

Defence Negotiation Services Standing Offer Panel SON3389328

Services including negotiation and evaluation training, and negotiation strategy and support.

Access: all agencies

Defence Innovation, Science and Technology Panel

Delivery of services across:

  • Robotics and Data Analytics
  • Computer Systems Science Engineering
  • Logistics Systems Scientists and Engineers
  • Operations Research and Analysis

Access: all agencies

Defence Fuels Supply Chain Technical Expertise Standing Offer SON3388560

Provides the Commonwealth access to appropriately skilled and qualified fuel supply chain technologists who can deliver a range of professional fuels advice and other fuel supply chain support services.

Access: all agencies

Energy Business and Technical Services Panel SON3730405

Delivery of expertise and services relating to the development and implementation of business and technical services in the energy field.

Access: all agencies.

Local Buy LGA LB309 & LB327

Business Management & Consulting Services

  • Corporate Governance, Assurance & Risk Management
  • Strategic, Organisational & Business Planning

Training Services

  • Non-Accredited Training, Short Courses, Bespoke Courses & Professional Development Training
  • Learning & Development Consulting Services
  • Health & Safety training

Access: QLD State & Local Government, NT Local Government, any private enterprise entity that has executed an access agreement with Local Buy, and any other organisation with a public function or which is not-for-profit subject to compliance with its procurement obligations.

Management Advisory Services Panel SON3751667

Whole of Australian Government procurement panel. Services delivery for phase 3 Commercial Management Advisory Services.

Access: all agencies

NT Government Provision of Professional Advisory Services Panel AGC21-0265

Delivery of services across the below categories:

  • 1.1 – Marketing and customer experience
  • 1.2 – Project management
  • 2.4 – Investigation services
  • 2.7 – Quality assurance reviews
  • 2.8 – Risk management advice
  • 2.9 – Work health and safety services
  • 3.1 – Policy review and project development
  • 4.1 – Procurement strategy development
  • 4.2 – Probity advice

Access: all  Northern Territory Government agencies

NZ Government Supply of Consultancy Services

Delivery of services across:

  • Accounting
  • Assurance
  • Audit
  • Finance and economics
  • Procurement and logistics
  • Taxation
  • Business change
  • Human resource
  • Marketing and public relations
  • Operations management and risk
  • Policy, research and development

Access: all New Zealand Government agencies

QLD Government - ICT Services (Pre-Qualified Suppliers Panel) ICTSS.13.03B

The ICT services panel is a whole-of-government arrangement that provides agencies with a simple and quick way to purchase high quality ICT services from a panel of prequalified suppliers. Kiah can supply for all six categories:

  • Strategy and architecture
  • Business change
  • Solution development and implementation
  • Service management
  • Procurement and management support
  • Client interface

Access: all Queensland Government agencies

QLD Government – Procurement and Contract Management Learning and Development Panel QGP002-2018

Delivery of short courses and group training to build staff capability across the procurement lifecycle including:

  • Category management
  • Sourcing and tendering
  • Negotiation and award
  • Contract management and performance

Access: all Queensland Government agencies

QLD Government - Professional Development Training for Staff PQP QED106598

Provision of professional development training for school and corporate staff, including in the areas of:

  • Business
  • Communication and interpersonal engagement
  • Healthy, safety and wellbeing
  • Management and leadership
  • Technical (IT specific)

Access: all Queensland Government agencies

Victorian Government Professional Advisory Services (PAS) Panel SS-04-2019

Delivery of Commercial and Financial Advisory Services (CAFAS) across:

  • CAFAS CA-1: strategic policy review, reform, and project development (including service need analysis, service planning, feasibility studies and strategic assessments)
  • CAFAS CA-2: business case preparation and deployment
  • CAFAS CA-3: market engagement and implementation
  • CAFAS CA-4: commercial contract management
  • CAFAS CA-5: project, program, and business review, evaluation, and assurance (including business reorganisation reviews)
  • CAFAS CA-6: economic advisory services
  • CAFAS CA-7: auditing and investigation (non-mandatory)
  • CAFAS CA-8: general commercial advice including commercial negotiations

Access: all Victorian Government agencies