Build what you need, in your context. Affordably

Need to improve the proficiency and ability of your teams to respond to ever-changing demands and priorities?

Is telling them what to do, once, not enough? Do you need lasting change or behavioural change? Need to embed new business processes, new ways of working, new legislation? Projects, contracts, changing staff, induction?

You are not alone.

You don’t need a big change program to deliver change. Or a big process to deliver effective learning. You need learning designed for an effect, in your context, for your purpose. We have a range of different tools to deliver effective training—from self-paced eLearning and blended courses, through to fully immersive face-to-face solutions. Working closely with your team, we establish the most appropriate activities to support the required capability uplift. We jointly set clear goals that ensure results can be properly measured and evaluated. From initial scoping through design, development and delivery, we create engaging, lean-in experiences that foster the desire to learn and grow.
We built a delivery capability to meet our own requirements, then adapted it to deliver the same outcomes for our clients. Millions of dollars worth.
We have built thousands of hours of training for government departments, agencies and organisations, including Defence, and we know the challenges that come with working in this unique environment.

We know public service.

Our Projects

Facilitating complex decisions rapidly

The problem: Our public sector client had received advice, through an external review, that a critical piece of hazardous storage infrastructure was no longer safe to use. The recommendation was due, in part, to the natural decay of the facilities through underfunded maintenance, and a change in the local land use that had seen the surrounding […]

Gaining value in a commodity contract and deal negotiation

A government client sought to purchase telecomms services on behalf of itself and 50+ partner agencies, across 120 countries. When does a commodity contract become something more? Objective: To help the client clarify its evaluation process, prioritise its requirements, and negotiate a sustainable deal which would succeed for both parties over the long term. Kiah approach: Look […]

Sweating the asset – a public sector approach to allowing commercial use of a facility

The problem: Our public sector client operated a bulk fuels facility located alongside a public port. The facility, of several million litres, was a strategic facility for the client and provided a fuel reserve (in case commercial supply lines were interrupted). The client recognised that to continue operating the facility, would need specialist skills that were […]