Build bridges not battlefields

There is more to creating value than simply a good contract negotiation. In fact, the value comes from the way deals are structured and the parties brought to the table for the negotiation.

Think strategically not tactically – it’s more than a tender process and the approach is equally applicable to complex government agreements and the creation of public policy.

An unwise choice of words, a poor negotiation strategy (often no strategy at all) and an inability to disarm a potential objection can position your projects into battles that didn’t need fighting. You need to win support from people whose own self-interests, insecurities and competing priorities don’t necessarily align with the outcomes of your project. You need to motivate people working for you to succeed.

Kiah consultants are expert negotiators and facilitators, having studied and developed our own approach to doing this masterfully and quickly. Our approach is practical and designed for internal and external negotiations. It is equally applicable to dealing with inter-organisational disagreement, cross-department shared services, or major commercial deals.

We understand how to develop contracts and Service Level Agreements that support success, not punish failure. Only the most trivial of collaborations and procurements are transactional. Most seek a contributory relationship. Designing good contracts should be a commercial process. Don’t leave it to the lawyers!

We understand the impact on process and culture of dealing with public monies, serving a greater good than the bottom line, and being responsive to a political agenda. This knowledge allows us to balance commerciality with other imperatives. It also makes us valuable to the private sector which often finds doing business in the public sector challenging.

Our Projects

Facilitating complex decisions rapidly

The problem: Our public sector client had received advice, through an external review, that a critical piece of hazardous storage infrastructure was no longer safe to use. The recommendation was due, in part, to the natural decay of the facilities through underfunded maintenance, and a change in the local land use that had seen the surrounding […]

Gaining value in a commodity contract and deal negotiation

A government client sought to purchase telecomms services on behalf of itself and 50+ partner agencies, across 120 countries. When does a commodity contract become something more? Objective: To help the client clarify its evaluation process, prioritise its requirements, and negotiate a sustainable deal which would succeed for both parties over the long term. Kiah approach: Look […]

Sweating the asset – a public sector approach to allowing commercial use of a facility

The problem: Our public sector client operated a bulk fuels facility located alongside a public port. The facility, of several million litres, was a strategic facility for the client and provided a fuel reserve (in case commercial supply lines were interrupted). The client recognised that to continue operating the facility, would need specialist skills that were […]