A bit about the application process

Firstly – apply. We can guarantee that you will not understand us, or we you, unless you take the time to apply. The application process takes some time – at least few weeks, as it should, because its important for both of us.

CVs are notoriously poor at presenting candidates’ abilities. They end being chronological dissertations of employment history. Write a covering letter and tell us about what makes you a worthy candidate.
You may be invited to a confirmatory online meeting with one of our recruitment staff. They will just explain the process, and explore your CV.

Typically, you will do one or two interviews with one or two consultants. They will be exploring your aptitude, skills, and attitudes. They will seek to discover if you will fit into our team, if you will be successful on the client side, and what value you will bring to Kiah.

After consideration you will be invited to a confirmatory interview with the MD, or a senior Director in his absence.

We are looking for those who can think and do

We have one objective: to help those who have the courage to try – succeed. Delivered through executable strategies – well executed.

We need people who can think and do, with the drive to make a difference. Being the most educated, and the smartest isn’t enough – you have to have the energy, drive, empathy and skill to get the job done. Being able to bulldoze through isn’t enough either – you have to be able to lead when you have no authority.

As the saying goes, the easy day was yesterday. Our clients need help, that’s why we are there. The work can be exhausting.

If you are up for the challenge, then apply.


You want a covering letter?

We do. We want to see that you have read the job ad properly and that you can explain what you have achieved, not just where you have been. That you can explain it in our context. If you can’t explain it to us, you can’t explain it to a client.  If you don’t want to put a bit of effort in to join us, that’s fine, but it’s not us.

Do some homework

This website, and other easily discoverable forums, are content-rich. They explain Consulting the Kiah Way, our views on the industry, and thoughts on how our clients might be successful. We hold, and share, a view. It might raise a number of questions in your mind. Be prepared to ask them, we will ask you.