We are delighted that you are interested in us.

We have tried to make these pages as informative as possible, so please take some time to explore.

Not everyone who applies comes to work for us — this doesn’t mean they are inadequate, just that we are not the right fit. We are not a company for everyone, and everyone isn’t for us.

The purpose of our application process is to make sure that we fit each other. These pages offer a variety of information because we want you to be successful. That means you choosing us, and us choosing you. We aim to help you decide if our business is for you.

You don’t need to be a ‘consultant’ to apply, but you can be. Most importantly, you just need to have the qualities of a Kiah Consultant, because we can teach you the art and science of consulting.

If you would like to know more, have a chat about the possibilities. If you are transitioning from the military or the public service, or just want to explore the world of consulting — we will be delighted to find time for you.

Intellectually Curious

You will seek to know. You will most likely have studied, but not to the point that formal studies are the only way you have satisfied your curiosity. You will be able to demonstrate that you ‘look’, explore, want to know why — and are capable of discovery.


Adversity is a stumbling block, not a roadblock. The outcome is success, even if it means doing someone else’s job. You are tenacious but not obstinate.


You will be faced with offering unpalatable truths, tested to operate ethically, and honestly. You have the courage to try. You are comfortable being uncomfortable. You accept that being too safe is actually unsafe.

Adaptively Creative

You can handle change and ambiguity. You can adapt yourself to a plan and are not fazed by change. You will look for the way around problems, not through them. You are able to think outside the box, you’re an innovator. You dare to be different.


We work in teams and out of teams. Teams of other consultants and professionals, as well as with our clients’ teams. You demonstrate the ability to participate, collaborate and lead.

Professional Mastery

Mastery of the art and science of consulting, and some professional contribution — at a level which is appropriate for you. We expect that you have the foundations for good communication, use of technology, and problem solving.

What are we looking for?

We rarely have hard role descriptions, because as a consultant you might undertake any task. We try not to constrain you, and we don’t expect you to constrain yourself.  The following offers some insight into what we anticipate you will bring to Kiah, and our expectations of you depending on your level of experience and ability. We don’t have levels or hoops. Your success and influence will be entirely up to you and how you perform. Of course, that takes experience and education so it doesn’t happen overnight. But if you come with experience and education, or you learn quickly, we have no need to hold you back.

Our focus is on the right people. Those who are dynamic, inquisitive, intellectually agile, passionate and personable.

You will be inquisitive and have the ability to research and quickly comprehend the essential details of a wide range of topics. Typically broadly read, you will be able to articulate complex concepts both verbally and in good writing. You will be well presented and present well.

Principals tend to have had executive experience in the public and private sector, most probably managed a P&L. Of them we expect a proven ability to manage a team, be respected in the industry as a leader, and come with a demonstrated ability to manage complex programs of work. Typically principals lead assignments.

Others will have all of the same attributes though probably with a narrower set of experiences. It is expected that they will have a domain expertise such as IT, finance, management, economics, engineering or similar.  They typically support principals by managing streams of work and may lead less complex assignments.

Others, still, will fall towards the graduate end of experience, perhaps with a few years of experience and some specific domain knowledge. These consultants typically work under guidance but will be expected to be self-starters: confident, capable and able to quickly operate with limited direction.

Some work is explicit in its domain knowledge. Our span is broad covering program and project management, complex procurement, restructure and recovery, learning and development, workplace health and safety, risk and compliance, to name a few.

You will enjoy corporate and peer support, a quality process, IP and toolsets, training, and access to a variety of clients and challenging assignments. We invest in those who invest in us.

You, and your clients, will enjoy the benefits of being part of the Kiah Community. A community of like-minded, capable people seeking to deliver better outcomes to our clients.

Our expertise is in assisting clients to address complex problems, rapidly, not delivering expertise in a specific technical domain.  Technical expertise we can find – it is adaptability, ingenuity, humility, and strategic thinking, with a preparedness to “get the hands dirty and do the job”, that we seek.

If you think this describes you, at least in part, then we encourage you to submit an application and come in for a chat. After all, the only thing you have to lose is opportunity.