Tailored courses for any communication situation

  • Communicate in a crisis.
  • Speak in any situation with clarity, consistency, confidence and cut-through.
  • Improve your presentations and interactions with your peers.
  • Survive and thrive in the media.

About the Masterclasses

Developed from more than 25 years’ experience on both sides of the camera from advising senior politicians to being the senior journalist, these masterclasses are low on theory and high on practical learning, real case studies and exercises.

We involve participants in practical exercises, on-camera exercises and group discussions within the training environment. Our courses include an experienced former journalist and speech writer as course coordinator, a full broadcast quality camera, light and sound kit plus an experienced camera operator. This includes pre-course planning and research with the in-house team.

You will gain insight and learn techniques for any communications situation.  You’ll learn how to handle yourself whether it is in front of an entire media pack or a meeting with a stakeholder. Building confidence is an important part of this process and something our trainers are well-equipped to do.


Options Include

  • Full-day Masterclass


    Up to 5 people for a full day or run 2 half-day courses back-to-back— a cost-effective option to train up to 10 people in a day.

  • Half-day Masterclass


    The run time for this course is approximately 4 hours and optimally up to 5 people per course.

  • One-on-one Masterclass


    Not for the faint-hearted, this is 4 hours of intense one-on-one scrutiny. Ideal for CEOs and Executives facing the possibility of a crisis in the future.

  • Half-day Presentation Masterclass


    Want to uplift a large group of staff to improve their presenting skills? This half-day session involves a series of tailored exercises designed for large groups of up to 12 people. There is no camera.

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