Course Overview

A one-day off-site experiential program, preceded by a short (maximum of 3 hours) online module to introduce the theory.

This course redefines contract management, often limited to legal obligations and administration, by focusing on delivery where the promise of value is realised.

It explores performance, measurement, relationship management, dealing with difficult conversations, and managing difficult people and disagreements.

Interactive Learning

The module is built on two anonymised case studies of service delivery contracts that were in disrepair and dispute and their recovery.

Dissect all aspects of the service delivery experience from both a public sector and industry perspective, review common issues faced through service delivery and explore strategies to mitigate these issues and enhance the value gained from contracted service delivery.


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Next public course: Canberra, 13 November 2024

Cost: $1,275 plus GST per person

Price Includes: 12-month membership to Kiah Alumni

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What people are saying

“Really interesting case studies that helped me understand the real world ramifications of what can seem like small or insignificant details.”

“Great insights and examples that I could easily relate to my own role.”

“This course provided me with a new perspective on how to manage this outside of the traditional age-old approach.”

“As someone who regularly manages contracts and service delivery, I found this very informative and beneficial.”


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