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About the Masterclass

In this highly interactive and experiential masterclass, discover how to better create, claim and keep value — the three legs of value for money.

Knowledge is power. Explore:

  • How industry operates and what drives them
  • How to structure better ‘deals’
  • How to negotiate strategically
  • How to get better value from the contracts you have

You will gain insight into structuring better approaches to market, deal negotiation, and contract management. You will explore vendor perspectives and how it’s applied in the context of the public sector. You will extend your capacity to create, claim and keep the value.

There is no point in learning how to negotiate if you don’t know what you have to negotiate with. That’s the power of knowledge and perspective. Learn negotiations, in your context.

Delivered by experienced practitioners, this program is low on theory and high on practical learning, real case studies and exercises. It is not skills training but an education applicable in any context, transferrable to any team, and an investment in individual capability.

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Designed to be delivered to groups of from 6 up to 24, our course is tailored to the needs of the Public Sector and your specific capability requirements. Contact us now to discuss.

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Are you a Public Sector professional looking to up skill your team?

  • Designed to uplift capability and tailored to the needs of your team
  • Uplift an entire team so that you can succeed together
  • Built around creating value, claiming value, and keeping value – three elements of value for money and contributing to better public service outcomes
  • Delivered by experienced practitioners who will focus on practical learning, real case studies, and exercises, rather than just theory
  • Three day masterclasses available
  • Two day face to face option plus online portion for time poor executives available, request a call
  • Add an optional follow-on workshop to address your specific initiative or negotiation

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Your Facilitator

John Glenn

John Glenn

MD and Founder of Kiah and Kiah Academy

John Glenn is an experienced and successful strategist, negotiator and dispute resolver. He has been instrumental in helping clients achieve their aspirations, and more, for over three decades.

From working with the UN negotiating with the Khmer Rouge, building deals to build and sell satellites, restructuring billion-dollar logistics programs through to dealing with aviation disputes, John has worked with the masters, and become one.

His studies have explored contemporary approaches, particularly the European and US schools of thought culminating in studies at the Harvard and Edinburgh Business Schools. He personifies the convergence of theory and practice.

What people are saying

“It is like an MBA crammed into 3 days – very useful for public servants who do not have exposure to how businesses are run”
“I highly recommend this Masterclass for anyone in the private or public sector involved in contract negotiation & administration”
“Fantastic content and invaluable learnings”
“Engaging, informative & interactive. Well worth the three days”
“This is a must do course for public servants & will change your mind set on procurement & contract management”
“Excellent program for the uninitiated like me! Would have been great to have before starting evaluation”

Frequently asked questions

I’m not in a commercial role right now. Is this course still applicable?

It is useful to all public servants who lead and manage teams – internally and externally.

While the course is entitled “commercial acumen” it is not all about dealing with industry. It is about how the private sector sees business, and how it acts. Those learnings are valuable in delivering better outcomes internally, across organisations and across jurisdictions.

In any case, most people will find themselves dealing with industry at some stage. Its never too early to invest in yourself.

Is there ongoing support available after the Masterclasses?

Ongoing support is available after the Masterclass for an additional fee.

Will I get materials to take back to my workplace to which I can refer?

Yes. In addition to the experiences and activities, which are intended to embed the learning – you will receive a handbook that you may keep.

We do recover all activity materials to prevent them being shared around.

Does this have an accreditation? Do I get a certificate?

Deliberately we do not seek accreditation. This course is designed to uplift your capability and capacity, not your skills, through education, experience and association with experienced practitioners.

Third-party accreditations ensure we only teach what they think you need to know – typically focussing on skills and competencies rather than capability.