Delivered as a private course for your team, anywhere in Australia. 


About the Masterclass

Uplift the capability and capacity of your team in 2 days

Looking to uplift your team in basic business and professional skills? Developed at the request of an APS client, this course has been tailored to focus on helping public sector teams be better at their business.

We cover immediately applicable, practical, topics including:

  • Persuasion, influence and negotiation
  • Impactful written communication and presentations for busy executives
  • Meetings and workshop facilitation
  • Problem-solving approaches
  • Writing an effective paper, rapidly
  • An insight into what drives industry and their behaviours
  • How to engage contractors, consultants and service providers to get better value.

Private courses for 12-24 participants.

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Provided as an internal program from 12 to 24 participants

Our course is tailored to the needs of the Public Sector and your specific capability requirements.

Includes a pre-masterclass workshop with your leadership to ensure we focus on those issues important to your team, in your context
Collaborate with another section or branch to maximise value
        • Designed to uplift capability and tailored to the needs of your team
        • Uplift an entire team so that you can succeed together
        • Built around creating value, claiming value, and keeping value – three elements of value for money and contributing to better public service outcomes
        • Delivered by experienced practitioners who will focus on practical learning, real case studies, and exercises, rather than just theory
        • Add an optional follow-on workshop to address your specific initiative or negotiation

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Insights Courses

We have built our modularised program as we understand not all clients want to be away from work for the duration of a masterclass. Our  2-day Masterclass delivers best capability due to its integrated activities and immersive learning environment, but if that time investment is too great then you can take your team on a sequence of blended courses supporting a flexible delivery method, or choose the smaller courses best reflective of your teams capability needs.

Insight into Critical Writing and Argumentation

A rapid approach to engaging stakeholders and representing their views diligently is needed to achieve speed from concept to contract. We provide a process of argumentation and tools to assist in capturing and presenting stakeholders’ views, rebuttals, alternative views, details and opinions in a way that allows executives to form a view and make decisions.

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Managing Consultants and Contractors

While using contractors for general resourcing is limited, you can still contract services for outcomes and delivery. Explore how to engage contractors, consultants and service providers to get the best value.

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What people are saying

“The course had lots of great material, well-illustrated with examples and exercises. The details about private sector business in particular were interesting.”
“The course was broad and fast-paced, and I found real value in each section.”

“A great breakdown of each concept to help build skills in argument mapping, paper writing and delivering information with influence.”
“The real-world examples gave useful context to the concepts being discussed.”