Team Capability Uplift in just one day

Designed to uplift capability of an entire team so that you can succeed together, our hands on and experiential training focuses on practical learning, real case studies, and exercises. A hybrid learning approach incorporates online self paced theory with in person delivery, so you can spend most of the day in practical exercises.

Our courses can cater for groups from 12 up to 24 people, and are deliverable in any city in Australia.

Explore our available courses below, or contact us to develop a course tailored to your specific needs.


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Introduction to Negotiations

Online self paced module (~4 hours) PLUS one full day experiential face to face course PLUS 12 month Kiah Academy Alumni membership – suitable for groups from 12 to 24 people

The course incorporates decades of experience and academic study on the task of assisting in better delivery of public services – by both the private and public sectors and particularly at the junction of the two. 

You will be in the driver’s seat: participating in activities, role plays and discussions. Upon completion of the day, you will have experienced several uniquely complex situations to arm you with additional professional skills and techniques.  

This is a safe place to participate, to try, to make mistakes, to learn. You have a lot to gain and nothing to lose.  


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Critical Writing and Argumentation

Online self paced module (~2 hours) PLUS  one full day experiential face to face course PLUS 12 month Kiah Academy Alumni membership – suitable for groups from 12 to 24 people

While there are countless different writing styles we are taught throughout our education and work lives, no one style is applicable in all situations. Academic writing may be approach that best suits the demonstration of knowledge to a supervisor, but is not as well suited to the production of committee papers and central agency approval documents.

We have a process of argumentation, and some tools to assist the capture and proper presentation of stakeholders’ views, rebuttal and alternative views, and the capture of detail and opinion in a way that allows executives to form a view and ultimately make a decision.

You will explore a rapid approach to engaging stakeholders and representing their views diligently where speed from concept to action is required.


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Managing Consultants and Contractors

Half day face to face  experiential course PLUS 12 month Kiah Academy Alumni membership – for groups from 12 to 24 people

Regardless of the changing views about how heavily consultants and contractors should be engaged, the need still persists and maximising their value is paramount.

Not all contracts for support are written in a form that allows you to derive best value or the quality of work. Our training course, led by seasoned public sector and industry experts, delves into strategies for optimising engagements with external support.

Learn to navigate these partnerships effectively, ensuring the best outcomes and quality of work. Discover how to do more with less, extracting greater value from every consultant or contractor you engage.


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