Scalable and affordable solutions to building business management and commercial competencies in your team.

Need to write better, communicate clearer, negotiate more strongly, present powerfully, influence effectively?

Commercial and business acumen is as much about attitude as it is skills. Built on our experiences of merging commercial acumen with public sector know-how, Kiah Academy programs are practical, applicable and immediately useable by participants as they strive to deliver better outcomes.

Low on theory and high on experiential learning these programs range from self-paced, choose your own journey in your own time online courses, to high intensity face-to-face immersive Masterclasses delivered by experienced practitioners.

We deliver some as open subscription public Masterclasses but many clients have sought in-house, private programs to lift their team.

You can simply choose our content delivered our way, a bespoke program based on our content but tailored to your context, or leverage our L&D team to build a program based on your content for your team.


Capability Uplift Programs on offer


Don’t settle for boring!

Whether you need urgent upskilling to support organisational change, training to reinforce knowledge gaps, renew old or outdated training modules, or you simply want to offer your staff opportunities to take charge of their own learning journey.

We develop affordable, self-paced, bite-sized courses delivered online that can be completed by any time, any time, in any place.



Bespoke Programs

What you need, when you need it

Tailored solutions to fix your immediate staff capability problem such as onboarding new staff, rapid readiness for negotiation, unlocking stuck projects and tending to disputes.

When you can’t close the deal or fix the problem, or you have finished tender evaluation and you need your team trained in negotiations, or you are in dispute and disarray, we can help you break through and uplift your team.


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